Completorium - Hymnus
13 January, 2021
1. Te lucis ante términum,
1. Before the ending of the day,
Rerum Creátor póscimus,
creator of the world, we pray
Ut solíta cleméntia
that with thy wonted favor thou
Sis præsul ad custódiam.
wouldst be our guard and keeper now.
2. Procul recédant sómnia,
2. From all ill dreams defend our eyes,
Et nóctium phantásmata,
from nightly fears and fantasies;
Hostémque nostrum cómprime,
tread under foot our ghostly foe,
Ne polluántur córpora.
that no pollution we may know.
3. Præsta, Pater omnípotens,
3. O Father, that we ask be done,
Per Jesum Christum Dóminum,
through Jesus Christ, thine only Son;
Qui tecum in perpétuum,
who, with the Holy Ghost and thee,
Regnat cum Sancto Spíritu.
doth live and reign eternally.
13 January - Completorium - Hymnus