Laudes - Antiphona
02 November, 2019
Exáudi Dómine oratiónem meam:
O Lord, hear my prayer:
ad te omnis caro véniet.
all flesh will come to you.
(Ps. 64) Te decet hymnus Deus in Sion.
(Ps. 64) O God, a hymn adorns you in Zion,
et tibi reddétur votum in Jerúsalem.
and a vow will be repaid to you in Jerusalem.
2. Exáudi oratiónem meam:
2. Hear my prayer:
ad te omnis caro véniet.
all flesh will come to you.
3. Verba iniquórum prævaluérunt super nos:
3. Words of iniquity have prevailed over us.
et impietátibus nostris tu propitiáberis.
And you will pardon our impieties.
4. Beátus quem elegísti et assumpsísti:
4. Blessed is he whom you have chosen and taken up.
inhabitábit in átriis tuis.
He will dwell in your courts.
5. Replébimur in bonis domus tuæ,
5. We will be filled with the good things of your house.
sanctum est templum tuum: mirábile in æquitáte.
Holy is your temple: wonderful in equity.
6. Exáudi nos, Deus salutáris noster:
6. Hear us, O God our Savior,
spes ómnium fínium terræ et in mari longe.
the hope of all the ends of the earth and of a sea far away.
7. Prǽparans montes in virtúte tua, accínctus poténtia:
7. You prepare the mountains in your virtue, wrapped with power.
qui contúrbas profúndum maris sonum flúctuum ejus.
You stir up the depths of the sea, the noise of its waves.
8. Turbabúntur Gentes, et timébunt qui hábitant términos a signis tuis:
8. You still the roaring of the seas, The nations will be troubled, and those who dwell at the limits will be afraid, before your signs.
éxitus matutíni, et véspere delectábis.
You will make the passing of morning and evening enjoyable.
9. Visitásti terram, et inebriásti eam:
9. You have visited the earth, and you have saturated it.
multiplicásti locupletáre eam.
You have enriched it in so many ways.
10. Flumen Dei replétum est aquis;
10. The river of God has been filled with water.
parásti cibum illórum:
You have prepared their food.
quóniam ita est præparátio ejus.
For thus is its preparation.
11. Rivos ejus inébria multíplica genímina ejus:
11. Drench its streams, multiply its fruits;
in stillicídiis ejus lætábitur gérminans.
it will spring up and rejoice in its showers.
12. Benedíces corónæ anni benignitátis tuæ:
12. You will bless the crown of the year with your kindness,
et campi tui replebúntur ubertáte.
and your fields will be filled with abundance.
13. Pinguéscent speciósa desérti:
13. The beauty of the desert will fatten,
et exsultatióne colles accingéntur.
and the hills will be wrapped with exultation.
14. Indúti sunt aríetes óvium
14. The rams of the sheep have been clothed,
et valles abundábunt fruménto:
and the valleys will abound with grain.
clamábunt, étenim hymnum dicent.
They will cry out; yes, they will even utter a hymn.
15. Réquiem ætérnam
15. Eternal rest
dona eis Dómine.
grant unto them, O Lord,
16. Et lux perpétua
16. and may perpetual light
lúceat eis.
shine upon them.
Exáudi Dómine oratiónem meam:
O Lord, hear my prayer:
ad te omnis caro véniet.
all flesh will come to you.
02 November - Laudes - Antiphona