Laudes - Hymnus
29 June, 2020
1. Jam bone pastor Petre clemens áccipe
Vota precántum, et peccáti víncula
Resólve, tibi potestáte trádita,
Qua cunctis cælum verbo claudis, áperis.
2. Doctor egrégie Paule, mores ínstrue,
Et pente polum nos transférre sátage:
Donec perféctum largiátur plénius,
Evacuáto quod est parte gérimus.
3. Sit Trinitáti sempitérna glória,
Honor, potéstas atque jubilátio,
In unitáte cui manet impérium,
Ex tunc, et modo per ætérna sǽcula.
1. Peter, blest Shepherd, hearken to our cry,
and with a word unloose our guilty chain;
thou! who hast power to open the gates on high
to men below, and power to shut them fast again.
2. Lead us, great teacher Paul, in wisdom’s ways,
and lift our hearts with thine to heaven’s high throne;
Till faith beholds the clear meridian blaze,
and sunlike in the soul reigns charity alone.
3. Be to the Trinity immortal given
praise, blessing, majesty, through endless days,
who in pure Unity profoundly sways
Eternally alike all things in earth and Heaven.
29 June - Laudes - Hymnus