Laudes - Hymnus
04 August, 2021
1. Jesu, coróna célsior,
1. O Jesus, Thou most exalted crown,
Et véritas sublímior,
and truth most sublime,
Qui confiténti sérvulo,
who bestow est on Your Confessor
Reddis perénne prǽmium.
an eternal reward.
2. Da supplicánti cœ́tui,
2. Through his intercession
Obténtu hujus óptimi,
grant to Thy suppliant assembly
Remissiónem críminum,
the remission of their sins,
Rumpéndo nexum vínculi.
whilst Thou dost rend asunder the bond of the chain.
3. Anni recúrso témpore,
3. The space of a year having elapsed,
Dies illúxit lúmine,
the day again shines forth in its splendor,
Quo Sanctus hic de córpore
on which this Saint, leaving his earthly body,
Polum migrávit prǽpotens.
ascended into heaven.
4. Hic vana terræ gáudia,
4. Considering the vain joys
Et luculénta prǽdia,
and showy goods of the world
Pollúta sorde députans,
as defiled with filth,
Ovans tenet cæléstia.
he now in triumph possesses those that are heavenly.
5. Te, Christe, Rex piíssime,
5. O Christ, most loving King,
Hic confiténdo júgiter,
by unceasingly confessing Thee,
Calcávit hostem fórtiter,
he trampled under foot the wiles of the evil spirits,
Supérbum ac satéllitem.
and the savage prince of hell.
6. Virtúte clarus et fide,
6. Renowned for faith and virtue,
Confessiónis órdine,
zealous in the confession of his faith,
Jejúna membra déferens,
bearing his members mortified
Dapes supérnas óbtinet.
he now participates in the heavenly banquet.
7. Proínde te, piíssime,
7. Therefore, most gracious God,
Precámur omnes súpplices,
We beg you for all our pleas
Ut hujus almi grátia
that on his grace,
Nobis remíttas débita.
You remit the punishment due to us.
8. Glória Patri Dómino,
8. Eternal glory to the Father,
Glória Unigénito,
and to the only-begotten,
Una cum Sancto Spíritu,
and to the Holy Spirit,
In sempitérna sǽcula.
through all eternity.
04 August - Laudes - Hymnus