Laudes - Hymnus
14 January, 2022
1. Jesu Redémptor ómnium
1.Jesu, the world’s Redeemer,
Perpes coróna Prǽsulum
the bishops’ fadeless crown,
In hac die cleméntius
The prayers and praises that we pay,
Nostris favéto précibus
Accept with gentlest love today.
2. Tui sacri qua nóminis
2. The meek confessor of your name
Conféssor almus cláruit,
Today attained a glorious fame;
Hujus celebrat ánnua
Whose yearly feast, in solemn state,
Devóta plebs solémnia.
Your faithful people celebrate.
3. Qui rite mundi gáudia
3.The world and all its boasted good,
Hujus cadúca réspuens,
As vain and passing, he eschewed;
Cum Angelis cæléstibus
And therefore with angelic bands,
Lætus potítur prǽmiis.
In endless joy forever stands.
4. Hujus benígnus annue
4.Grant then that we, most gracious God,
Nobis sequi vestígia:
May follow in the steps he trod:
Hujus precátu sérvulis
And, at his prayer, thy servants free
Dimítte noxam críminis
From stain of all iniquity.
5. Sit Christe Rex piíssime
5. O Christ, most holy King,
Tibi, patrique glória
and to the Father be the Glory,
Cum Spiritu Paráclito,
with the Spirit Paraclete
Et nunc, et in perpétuum.
for eternal ages.
14 January - Laudes - Hymnus