Laudes - Hymnus
01 November, 2019
1. Jesu, salvátor sǽculi,
Redémptis ope súbveni:
Et, pia Dei Génitrix,
Salútem posce míseris.
2. Cœtus omnes Angélici,
Patriarchárum cúnei,
Et Prophetárum mérita
Nobis precéntur véniam.
3. Baptísta tui prǽvius
Et Cláviger æthéreus
Cum céteris Apóstolis
Nos solvant nexu críminis.
4. Chorus sacrátus Mártyrum,
Conféssio Sacerdótum,
Et virginális cástitas
Nos a peccátis ábluant.
5. Monachórum suffrágia
Omnésque cives cǽlici
Annuant votis súpplicum
Et vitæ poscant prǽmium.
6. Laus, honor, virtus, glória,
Deo Patri, et Fílio,
Sancto simul Paráclito,
In sæculórum sǽcula.
O Jesus, Savior of the world,
Assist the souls you have redeemed;
And gentle Mother of our Lord,
For us poor sinners pardon win.
2. May all the gleaming Angel hosts
And patient Patriarchs serene,
And Prophets faithful unto death,
Make supplication for the world.
3. May John, fore-runner of our Light,
And he who holds the keys above,
And all Apostles of our Lord,
Absolve us from the stains of sin.
4. And may the Martyrs countless throng,
And Priests devoted to their Lord,
And holy virgins' merits too,
Obtain remission for our falls.
5. May pure monastic prayer above,
United with all Saints on high,
Accept our lowly sighs on earth,
And gain for us eternal life.
6. Praise, honor, might and glory
be to God the Father,
the Son and the Holy Comforter,
For ever and ever.
01 November - Laudes - Hymnus