Laudes - Hymnus
25 November, 2021
1. Lux ecce surgit áurea,
1. Behold the golden light is arising.
Pallens fatíscat cǽcitas,
Let colorless darkness depart,
Quæ nosmet in præceps diu
That has for a long time brought us into danger
Erróre traxit dévio.
And from the right path has made us stray.
2. Hæc lux serénum cónferat,
2. May this Light bring us fair weather
Purósque nos præstet sibi:
And present us unharmed before Him.
Nihil loquámur súbdolum:
May no deceitful words come from our lips,
Volvámus obscúrum nihil.
No evil thoughts occupy our minds.
3. Sic tota decúrrat dies,
3. So may the whole day run,
Ne lingua mendax, ne manus
That neither our tongue may to lie, nor our hand,
Oculíve peccent lúbrici,
Nor our restless eyes commit sin,
Ne noxa corpus ínquinet.
Nor any guilt defile our body.
4. Speculátor astat désuper,
4. He contemplates us from on high.
Qui nos diébus ómnibus,
Every day he sees us
Actúsque nostros próspicit
And also see our actions
A luce prima in vésperum
From the first light of the day until the day before.
5. Deo Patri sit glória,
5. To God the Father, be glory,
Eiúsque soli Fílio,
And to His only Son of him,
Cum Spíritu Paráclito,
With the Spirit, the Comforter,
Et nunc, et in perpétuum.
Now and forever.
25 November - Laudes - Hymnus