Laudes - Antiphona
02 November, 2019
Me suscépit déxtera tua, Dómine.
Your right hand raises me up. O Lord
(Ps. 62) Deus, Deus meus,
(Ps. 62) O God, you are my God;
ad te de luce vígilo.
eagerly I seek you;
2. Sitívit in te ánima mea,
2. my soul thirsts for you,
quam multiplíciter tibi caro mea.
my flesh faints for you,
3. In terra desérta, et ínvia, et inaquósa:
3. as in a barren and dry land where there is no water.
sic in sancto appárui tibi,
† Therefore I have gazed upon you in your holy place,
ut vidérem virtútem tuam, et glóriam tuam.
that I might behold your power and your glory.
4. Quóniam mélior est misericórdia tua super vitas:
4. For your loving-kindness is better than life itself;
lábia mea laudábunt te.
my lips shall give you praise.
5. Sic benedícam te in vita mea:
5. So will I bless you as long as I live
et in nómine tuo levábo manus meas.
and lift up my hands in your Name.
6. Sicut ádipe et pinguédine repleátur ánima mea:
6. My soul is content, as with marrow and fatness,
et lábiis exsultatiónis laudábit os meum.
and my mouth praises you with joyful lips,
7. Si memor fui tui super stratum meum,
7. When I remember you upon my bed,
in matutínis meditábor in te:
† and meditate on you in the night watches.
quia fuísti adjútor meus.
For you have been my helper,
8. Et in velaménto alárum tuárum exsultábo,
8. and under the shadow of your wings I will rejoice.
adhǽsit ánima mea post te:
† My soul clings to you;
me suscépit déxtera tua.
your right hand holds me fast.
9. Ipsi vero in vanum quæsiérunt ánimam meam,
9. May those who seek my life to destroy it
introíbunt in inferióra terræ:
† go down into the depths of the earth;
tradéntur in manus gládii, partes vúlpium erunt.
Let them fall upon the edge of the sword, and let them be food for jackals.
10. Rex vero lætábitur in Deo,
10. But the king will rejoice in God;
laudabúntur omnes qui jurant in eo:
† all those who swear by him will be glad;
quia obstrúctum est os loquéntium iníqua.
for the mouth of those who speak lies shall be stopped.
11. Réquiem ætérnam
11. Eternal rest
dona eis Dómine.
grant unto them, O Lord,
12. Et lux perpétua
12. and may perpetual light
lúceat eis.
shine upon them.
Me suscépit déxtera tua, Dómine.
Your right hand raises me up. O Lord
02 November - Laudes - Antiphona