Laudes - Hymnus
13 January, 2021
1. Non fraus magnánimum,
1. No fraud
non favor aut minæ,
Neither favor nor threats
Athlétam quátiunt :
Shake the noble soldier:
jussa tyránnidis
He obeys the orders of the tyrant;
Explens, pastor oves
The shepherd board
linquere cogitur:
To the sheep that were scattered.
Quis jam contíneat lupos ?
Who will defend them from the wolves?
2. Ergo, Præsul, abis ?
2. So, Prelate, are you moving?
dum generósa mens
Your generous mind
Te parére facit,
Makes you submit to the sentence,
Gállia lácrimas
But Gaul sheds tears.
Fundat : terra Phrygum
The land of the phrygians
suscípiens patrem,
Recognizes you as a father,
Verbi víndice gáudeat.
Rejoices in the defender of the Word.
3. Erróris látebras
3. Dispel the darkness of error.
Doctor Hilárius
Hilario Doctor
Spargit luce nova ;
With new light;
fontéque vívido
And as a vivid source
Expúrgat nócuis
Of impure mud
páscua fǽcibus ;
Purify the pastures,
Gentes érudit éfferas.
Educate the barbarian peoples.
4. Ipsos dum títubant,
4. Now they falter
instítuit fide
And he confirms in the faith
Pastóres : rédeunt
The shepherds: they do
mox ad ovília,
Soon return to the fold;
Quos error tímidos
They had it
abstúlerat procul,
Cowardly abandoned.
Et vocem Patris áudiunt.
Now they hear the voice of the Father.
5. Præsul magne, poli
5. Great Prelate, now what?
qui super árdua
From above
Solem justítiæ
The sun of justice
cóminus ádspicis ;
Look closely,
Verbum nos dóceat,
Teach us the Word,
quǽsumus, ímpetra,
And please
Cujus dógmata prǽdicas.
Teach us the dogmas.
6. Mundáni métuant
6. Let worldly men
impérii ducem,
Fear the tyranny of an emperor,
Qui terram sápiunt :
If they have an earthly mentality;
Cǽsaris haud timet
Do not worry
Infénsi fúrias
Caesar's fury
pastor, et ásserit
And spread
Christi libérius fidem.
Faith in Christ.
7. Patri máxima laus,
7. Infinite praise to the Father
máxima Filio,
And infinite to his Son,
Fœcúndo génerat
Generated within
quem Pater in sinu,
Fruitful of the Father;
Æquum Princípio,
To whom he is equal to the Father,
númine cómparem :
And God like him.
Sacro máxima Flámini.
Infinite praise also to the Divine Spirit.
13 January - Laudes - Hymnus