Matutinum - Hymnus
23 June, 2022
1. Antra desérti téneris sub annis,
1. Fleeing the teeming city dwellers, while still young,
Cívium turmas fúgiens, petísti,
you sought to live in desert caves,
Ne levi saltem maculáre vitam
that you could avoid even the slightest stain
Fámine posses.
of a sin of speech.
2. Prǽbuit hirtum tégimen camélus
2. A camel provided you with rough clothing
Artubus sacris, stróphium bidéntes,
for your holy limbs, sheep your girdle.
Cui latex haustum, sociáta pastum
Water your drink, honey and locusts
Mella locústis.
mixed your food.
3. Céteri tantum cecinére vatum
3. All the other prophets had foretold
Corde præságo jubar affutúrum;
that there would a light in the future;
Tu quidem mundi scelus auferéntem
but you pointed out with your finger him,
Indice prodis.
who would take away the wickedness of the world.
4. Non fuit vasti spátium per orbis
4. There was not anyone born
Sánctior quisquam génitus Joánne,
in the whole holier than John,
Qui nefas sæcli méruit lavántem
who was worthy to baptize him who
Tíngere lymphis.
washes away sin.
5. Glória Patri, genitǽque Proli,
5. You, the Father of All, you, the Only Begotten,
Et tibi compar utriúsque semper,
You, Holy Spirit, three in one co-equal,
Spíritus alme, Deus unus, omnis
Glory be yours now for all the centuries,
Témpore sæcli.
Endless world.
23 June - Matutinum - Hymnus