Matutinum - Hymnus
11 June, 2021
1. Auctor beáte sǽculi,
1. O Christ, the world's Creator bright,
Christe, Redémptor ómnium,
who didst mankind from sin redeem,
Lumen Patris de lúmine
light from the Father's glorious light,
Deúsque verus de Deo:
true God of God, in bliss supreme.
2. Amor coégit te tuus
2. Thy love compelled thee to assume
Mortále corpus súmere,
a mortal body, man to save;
Ut, novus Adam, rédderes,
reversing the old Adam's doom;
Quod vetus ille abstúlerat:
our ransom the new Adam gave.
3. Ille amor, almus ártifex
3. That love which gloriously framed all
Terræ marísque et síderum,
The earth, the stars, and wondrous sea
Erráta patrum míserans
Took pity on our parents' fall,
Et nostra rumpens víncula.
broke all our bonds and set us free.
4. Non corde discédat tuo
4. O Saviour, let thy potent love
Vis illa amóris íncliti:
flow ever from thy bounteous heart;
Hoc fonte gentes háuriant
to nations that pure fount above
Remissiónis grátiam.
the grace of pardon will impart.
5. Percússum ad hoc est láncea
5. His heart for this was opened wide,
Passúmque ad hoc est vúlnera,
and wounded by the soldier's spear,
Ut nos laváret sórdibus
that freely from his sacred side
Unda fluénte et sánguine.
might flow the streams our souls to clear.
6. Glória, tibi, Dómine,
6. O Lord, we give thee praise,
Qui corde fundis grátiam,
who dost impart such grace from thy Heart,
Cum Patre et Sancto Spíritu
whom with the Father all adore,
In sempitérna sǽcula.
and Holy Ghost, forevermore.
11 June - Matutinum - Hymnus