Matutinum - Hymnus
28 April, 2022
1. Hic est dies verus Dei,
1. This is the true day of God,
Sancto serénus lúmine,
Peaceful with holy light,
Quo díluit sanguis sacer
When his sacred blood washed away
Probrósa mundi crímina.
The shameful sins of the world.
2. Fidem refúndit pérditis
2. It restored faith to the lost,
Cæcósque visu illúminat;
Enlightened the blind with sight;
Quem non gravi solvit metu
Whom has the absolution
Latrónis absolútio?
Of the thief not delivered from the burden of fear?
3. Opus stupent et Angeli,
3. Angels are astonished at this work,
Pœnam vidéntes córporis
When they see the punishment of his body
Christoque adhæréntem reum
And the guilty thief clinging to Christ
Vitam beátam cárpere.
And seizing the life of the blessed.
4. Mystérium mirábile,
4. O wondrous mystery!
Ut abluat mundi luem,
That washes away the pestilence of the world,
Peccáta tollat ómnium
Takes away the sin of all,
Carnis vítia mundans caro.
Cleanses the vices of the flesh by flesh.
5. Quid hoc potest sublímius,
5. What is more sublime than this,
ut culpa quaerat grátiam,
That sin should seek out grace,
metúmque solvat cáritas
And love dissolve fear,
reddátque mors vitam novam?
And death give again new life?
6. Esto perénne méntibus
6. Be, O Jesus to our souls
Paschále, Jesu, gáudium
Forever our paschal joy,
Et nos renátos grátiæ
Gather those reborn by grace
Tuis triúmphis ággrega.
To your victory.
7. Jesu, tibi sit gloria,
7. O Jesus, to you be glory,
Qui morte victa prǽnites,
Shining by your victory over death,
Cum Patre et almo Spíritu,
With the Father and loving Spirit,
In sempitérna sǽcula.
In eternal ages.
28 April - Matutinum - Hymnus