Matutinum - Hymnus
14 January, 2022
1. Insigne Francórum jubar,
1. Shining star of the Franks,
Qui Clodovǽum príncipem
You purified King Clovis,
Tuis piásti fóntibus,
By the water of baptism;
Te nunc, Remígi, pángimus :
Rémi, we sing to you today.
2. Gens Franca mortáles deos,
2. At your word the frank people
Te prædicánte, réspuit,
Rejects his mortal gods;
Monstránte te cæli viam,
You show him the way to heaven,
Uni Deo se cónsecrat :
He consecrates himself to the one God.
3. Natális augústo die
3. Holy Christmas Day
Quo Christus astris pródiit,
Where Christ descended from heaven,
Infers nova victória
You bring in with a new victory,
Castris Dei tot mílites.
All these soldiers in the camp of God.
4. Mitis Sicámber vérticem
4. Through you we give thanks,
Cervíce flexa déjicit :
Forever to the most high God who,
Quod trádidit flammis, colit,
In the fruit of your labor and your word,
Et quod colébat, ábjicit.
Enlighten us with faith.
5. Altíssimo per te Deo
5. To the one and triune God,
Grates perénnes sólvimus,
High praise, supreme honor,
Qui nos tuis labóribus
He who called us from the night,
Verbísque collústrat fide.
In the light of his glory.
6. Deo Patri sit glória,
6. Glory be to God the Father,
Par Fílio, par Flámini,
To the Son and the Holy Spirit,
Quo dante, regnum Gálliæ
Which kindles in the heart of the kingdom of France,
Suscépit antíquam fidem.
Who took the old faith.
14 January - Matutinum - Hymnus