Missa - Sequentia
15 September, 2020
1. Stabat Mater dolorósa
Juxta crucem lacrimósa,
Dum pendébat Fílius.
2. Cujus ánimam geméntem,
Contristátam et doléntem,
Pertransívit gládius.
3. O quam trístis et afflícta
Fuit illa benedícta
Mater Unigéniti!
4. Quæ mærébat et dolébat,
Pia Mater, dum vidébat
Nati pœnas ínclyti.
5. Quis est homo qui non fleret,
Matrem Christi si vidéret
In tanto supplício?
6. Quis non posset contristári,
Christi Matrem contemplári
Doléntem cum Fílio?
7. Pro peccátis suæ gentis
Vidit Jesum in torméntis,
Et flagéllis súbditum.
8. Vidit suum dulcem natum
Moriéndo desolátum,
Dum emísit spíritum.
9. Eia Mater, fons amóris,
Me sentíre vim dolóris
Fac, ut tecum lúgeam.
10. Fac ut árdeat cor meum
In amándo Christum Deum,
Ut sibi compláceam.
11. Sancta Mater, istud agas,
Crucifíxi fige plagas
Cordi meo válide.
12. Tui nati vulneráti,
Tam dignáti pro me pati,
Pœnas mecum dívide.
13. Fac me tecum pie flere,
Crucifíxo condolére,
Donec ego víxero.
14. Juxta crucem tecum stare,
Et me tibi sociáre
In planctu desídero.
15. Virgo vírginum præclára,
Mihi jam non sis amára:
Fac me tecum plángere.
16. Fac ut portem Christi mortem,
Passiónis fac consórtem,
Et plagas recólere.
17. Fac me plagis vulnerári,
Cruce fac me inebriári,
Et cruóre Fílii.
18. Flammis urar ne succénsus,
Per te Virgo, sim defénsus
In die judícii.
19. Fac me cruce custodíri,
Morte Christi praemuníri,
Confovéri gratia.
20. Quando corpus moriétur,
Fac ut ánimæ donétur
Paradísi glória.
1. The grieving Mother stood weeping
beside the cross
where her Son was hanging.
2. Through her weeping soul,
compassionate and grieving,
a sword passed.
3. O how sad and afflicted
was that blessed
Mother of the Only-begotten!
4. Who mourned and grieved,
the pious Mother, looking at the torment
of her glorious Son.
5. Who is the person who would not weep
seeing the Mother of Christ
in such agony?
6. Who would not be able to feel compassion
on beholding Christ’s Mother
suffering with her Son?
7. For the sins of his people
she saw Jesus in torment
and subjected to the scourge.
8. She saw her sweet offspring
dying, forsaken,
while He gave up his spirit.
9. O Mother, fountain of love,
make me feel the power of sorrow,
that I may grieve with you.
10. Grant that my heart
may burn in the love of Christ my Lord,
that I may greatly please Him.
11. Holy Mother, grant that the wounds
of the Crucified drive deep
into my heart.
12. That of your wounded Son,
so deigned to suffer for me,
I may share the pain.
13. Let me, pious one, weep with you,
bemoan the Crucified,
for as long as I live.
14. To stand beside the cross with you,
and to join you in your weeping,
this I desire.
15. Chosen Virgin of virgins,
be not bitter with me,
let me weep with thee.
16. Grant that I may bear the death of Christ,
share his Passion,
and commemorate His wounds.
17. Let me be wounded with his wounds,
let me be inebriated by the cross
and your Son’s blood.
18. Lest I burn, set afire by flames,
O Virgin, may I be defended by you,
on the day of judgement.
19. Let me be guarded by the cross,
armed by Christ’s death
and His grace cherish me.
20. When my body dies,
grant that to my soul is given
the glory of paradise. Amen.
15 September - Missa - Sequentia