Nona - Hymnus
08 April, 2021
1. Hæc hora, quæ resplénduit
1. This hour shines forth
crucísque solvit núbila,
And dissolves the black clouds of the cross,
mundum tenébris éxuens,
Rescues the world from darkness
reddens seréna lúmina.
And returns the light of peace.
2. Hæc hora, qua resúscitans
2. This is the hour when Jesus
Jesus sepúlcris córpora,
Raises the bodies from the tombs
prodíre mortis líbera
And commands that they come forth free of death
jussit refúso spíritu.
And infused again with breath.
3. Nováta sæcla crédimus
3. We believe in a new world,
mortis solútis légibus,
loosened from the laws of death,
vitæ beátæ múnera
the gifts of blessed life
cursum perénnem cúrrere.
running an eternal course.
4. Jesu, tibi sit glória,
4. O Jesus, to you be glory,
qui morte victa prǽnites,
shining by your victory over death,
Cum Patre et almo Spíritu,
with the Father and loving Spirit,
in sempitérna sǽcula.
in eternal ages.
08 April - Nona - Hymnus