Nona - Hymnus
11 June, 2021
1. Rerum, Deus, tenax vigor,
1. O God of all things, upholding strength.
Immótus in te pérmanens,
Unchanged in yourself,
Lucis diúrnæ témpora
yet determining the successive
Succéssibus detérminans.
changes of daylight.
2. Largire clarum vespere,
2. Grant us that evening light
Quo vita numquam décidat,
in which life never dies,
Sed prǽmium mortis sacræ
but whose glory lasts forever
Perénnis instet glória.
as the reward of a holy death.
3. Glória tibi Dómine,
3. O Lord, we give thee praise,
Qui Corde fundis grátiam,
who dost impart such grace from thy Heart,
Cum Patre et Sancto Spíritu,
who, with the Holy Ghost and thee,
In sempitérna sǽcula.
doth live and reign eternally.
11 June - Nona - Hymnus