Sexta - Hymnus
14 January, 2022
1. Rector potens, verax Deus,
1. O God of truth, O Lord of might,
Qui témperas rerum vices,
who orderest time and change aright,
Splendóre mane ínstruis
who send’st the early morning ray,
Et ígnibus merídiem.
and light’st the glow of perfect day:
2. Exstíngue flammas lítium,
2. Extinguish thou each sinful fire,
Aufer calórem nóxium,
and banish every ill desire;
Confer salútem córporum,
and while thou keep’st the body whole,
Verámque pacem córdium.
shed forth thy peace upon the soul.
3. Præsta, Pater piíssime,
3. Almighty Father, hear our cry,
Patríque compar Unice,
through Jesus Christ, our Lord most High,
Cum Spíritu Paráclito.
who, with the Holy Ghost and thee,
Regnans per omne sǽculum.
doth live and reign eternally.
14 January - Sexta - Hymnus