Tertia - Hymnus
08 April, 2021
1. Jam surgit hora tértia,
1. The third hour already rises,
Qua Christus ascéndit crucem;
In which Christ ascended the cross;
Nil ínsolens mens cógitet,
Nothing unseemly disturbs the mind,
Inténdat afféctum precis.
But with sincere desire turn to prayer.
2. Qui corde Christum súscipit,
2. Who welcomes Christ in his heart
Innóxium sensum gerit
Keep your conscience pure
Votísque præstat sédulis
And he arranges himself with assiduous prayer
Sanctum meréri Spíritum.
To deserve the Holy Spirit.
3. Hæc hora, quæ finem dedit
3. This is the hour that has ended
Diri vetérno críminis;
At the lethargy of the grave crime,
Hinc jam beáta témpora
From this moment, now, it has begun,
Cœpére Christi grátia.
By the grace of Christ, a happy age;
4. Jesu, tibi sit glória,
4. Praise and honor be to Christ,
Qui morte victa prǽnites,
winner of death,
Cum Patre et almo Spíritu,
to the Father and the Holy Spirit
In sempitérna sǽcula.
now and for ever and ever.
08 April - Tertia - Hymnus