Tertia - Hymnus
11 June, 2021
1. Nunc Sancte nobis Spíritus,
1. Come Holy Ghost, who ever One
Unum Patri cum Fílio,
art with the Father and the Son,
Dignáre promptus íngeri,
it is the hour, our souls possess
Nostro refúsus péctori.
with thy full flood of holiness.
2. Os, lingua, mens, sensus, vigor
2. Let flesh, and heart, and lips, and mind,
Confessiónem pérsonent.
sound forth our witness to mankind;
Flamméscat igne cáritas,
and love light up our mortal frame,
Accéndat ardor próximos.
till others catch the living flame.
3. Glória tibi Dómine,
3. O Lord, we give thee praise,
Qui Corde fundis grátiam,
who dost impart such grace from thy Heart,
Cum Patre, et Sancto Spíritu,
whom with the Father all adore,
In sempitérna sǽcula.
and Holy Ghost, forevermore.
11 June - Tertia - Hymnus