Vesperas - Hymnus
08 April, 2021
1. Ad cœnam Agni próvidi,
1. Looking forward to the banquet of the Lamb,
Et stolis albis cándidi,
Vested in white robes of salvation,
Post tránsitum maris Rubri,
After the crossing of the Red Sea,
Christo canámus Príncipi.
We sing to Christ the King.
2. Cujus corpus sanctíssimum,
2. Whose most holy body
In ara crucis tórridum,
Tortured on the altar of the cross,
Cruóre ejus róseo
But by tasting his rosy blood
Gustándo vívimus Deo.
We live to God.
3. Protécti Paschæ véspere
3. On Easter eve we are protected
A devastánte Angelo,
From the devastating angel,
Erépti de duríssimo
Rescued from the harsh rule
Pharaónis império.
Of Pharaoh.
4. Jam Pascha nostrum Christus est,
4. Now Christ our Passover,
Qui immolátus Agnus est,
The innocent Lamb is slain,
Sinceritátis ázyma,
His flesh, the unleavened
Caro ejus obláta est.
Bread of sincerity, is offered up.
5. O vere digna hóstia,
5. O true and worthy sacrifice,
Per quam fracta sunt tártara,
By whom the powers of hell are broken,
Redémpta plebs captiváta,
The captive people redeemed,
Réddita vitæ prǽmia.
The rewards of life are given.
6. Consúrgit Christus túmulo,
6. Christ rises from the tomb,
Victor redit de bárathro,
The Victor returns from hell,
Tyránnum trudens vínculo,
Thrusting the tyrant into chains,
Et Paradísum réserans.
Reopening the entrance to Heaven.
7. Quǽsumus, Auctor ómnium,
7. Be, O Jesus to our souls
In hoc pascháli gáudio
Forever our paschal joy,
Ab omni mortis ímpetu
Gather those reborn
Tuum defénde pópulum.
By grace to your victory.
8. Glória tibi Dómine,
8. O Jesus, to you be glory,
Qui surrexísti a mórtuis,
Shining by your victory over death,
Cum Patre et Sancto Spíritu,
With the Father and loving Spirit,
In sempitérna sǽcula.
In eternal ages.
08 April - Vesperas - Hymnus