Vesperas - Hymnus
29 June, 2020
1. Aurea luce et decóre róseo,
Lux lucis, omne perfudísti sǽculum,
Décorans cælos ínclyto martýrio,
Hac sacra die, quæ dat reis véniam.
2. Jánitor cæli, Doctor orbis páriter,
Júdices sæcli, vera mundi lúmina,
Per Crucem alter, alter ense triúmphans,
Vitæ senátum laureáti póssident.
3. O felix Roma! quæ tantórum Príncipum
Es purpuráta pretióso sánguine:
Non laude tua, sed ipsórum méritis
Excéllis omem mundi pulchritúdinem.
4. Sit Trinitáti sempitérna glória,
Honor, potéstas atque jubilátio,
In unitáte, cui manet impérium,
Ex tunc, et modo, per ætérna sǽcula.
1. On this holy day, which reaches forgiveness to sinners,
oh Light of light, you have wanted not only to beautify
the sky with this sublime martyrdom,
but also to flood the earth with golden light and splendor of purple.
2. Peter, custodian of the gate of heaven,
and Paul, teacher of the world, judges of the nations and lights of the world,
winner one on the cross and the other under the edge of the sword,
both, crowned with laurel, possess the kingdom of the life.
3. Blessed are you, Rome, ennobled
with the glorious blood of Princes so noble,
that you overcome, not for your fame, but fot its merits,
all the beauties of the world.
4. And for you, O Trinue God, eternal glory,
honor, power and songs of joy and praise,
to you divine Unity, that your domain remains
forever and ever for ever and ever.
29 June - Vesperas - Hymnus