Vesperas - Hymnus
01 December, 2020
1. Iste Conféssor Dómini sacrátus,
Festa plebs cujus celebrat per orbem,
Hac die lætus méruit suprémos
Laudis honóres.
2. Qui pius, prudens, humilis, pudícus,
Sóbrius, castus fuit et quiétus,
Vita dum præsens vegetávit eius
Córporis artus.
3. Ad sacrum cujus túmulum frequénter,
Membra languéntum modo sanitáti,
Quólibet morbo fúerint graváta,
4. Unde nunc noster chorus in honórem
Ipsius, hymnum canit hunc libénter,
Ut piis ejus méritis juvémur
Omne per ævum.
5. Sit salus illi, decus, atque virtus,
Qui supra cæli residens cacúmen,
Totíus mundi máchinam gubérnat
Trinus et unus.
1. This the confessor of the Lord,
Whose triumph now all the faithful celebrate,
With gladness erst on this feast-day merited
To enter into his glory.
2. Saintly and prudent, modest in behavior,
Peaceful and sober, chaste was he, and lowly.
While that life’s vigor, coursing through his members,
Quickened his being.
3. Sick ones of old time, to his tomb resorting,
Sorely by ailments manifold afflicted,
Oft-times have welcomed health and strength returning,
At his petition.
4. Whence we in chorus gladly do him honor,
Chanting his praises with devout affection,
That in his merits we may have a portion,
Now and forever.
5. His be the glory, power and salvation,
Who over all things reigns in the highest,
Earth’s mighty fabric ruling and directing,
Onely and Trinal.
01 December - Vesperas - Hymnus