Vesperas - Hymnus
15 September, 2020
1. Jam toto súbitus vesper éat polo,
Et sol attónitum præcípitet diem,
Dum sævæ récolo ludíbrium necis,
Divinámque catástrophen.
2. Spectátrix áderas supplício, Parens,
Malis uda, gerens cor adamántinum :
Natus funérea péndulus in cruce
Altos dum gémitus dabat.
3. Pendens ante óculos Natus, atrócibus
Sectus verbéribus, Natus hiántibus
Fossus vulnéribus, quot penetrántibus
Te confíxit acúleis !
4. Heu ! sputa, álapæ, vérbera, vúlnera,
Clavi, fel áloe, Spóngia, láncea,
Sitis, spína, cruor, quam vária pium
Cor pressére tyránnide !
5. Cunctis intérea stas generósior
Virgo Martýribus : prodígio novo,
In tantis móriens non moréris, Parens,
Diris fíxa dolóribus.
6. Sit summæ Tríadi glória, laus, honor:
A qua supplíciter sollícita prece,
Posco virgínei róboris ǽmulas
Vires rebus in ásperis.
Come, darkness, spread o’er Heav’n thy pall,
And hide, O sun, thy face;
While we that bitter death recall,
With all its dire disgrace.
2. And thou, with tearful cheek, wast there;
But with a heart of steel,
Mary, thou didst his moanings hear,
And all his torments feel.
3. He hung before thee crucified;
His flesh with scourgings rent;
His bloody gashes gaping wide;
His strength and spirit spent.
4. Thou his dishonour’d countenance
And racking thirst, didst see;
By turns the gall, the sponge, the lance,
Were agony to thee.
5. Yet still erect in majesty,
Thou didst the sight sustain;
Oh, more than Martyr! not to die
Amid such cruel pain!
6. Praise to the blessed Three in One;
And be that courage mine,
Which, sorrowing o’er her only Son,
Did in the Virgin shine!
15 September - Vesperas - Hymnus